Welcome to Freedom Academy!

Freedom Academy is a non-profit charter school headquartered and operated here in Phoenix (Paradise Campus), Arizona. We have been providing our educational services to the greater Phoenix area for over 14 years. Many families drive great distances in order for their children to attend our schools because of their excellence.

At Freedom Academy, we pride ourselves on the rich education we provide for students as well as the genuine, heart-felt care we offer each child. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

Freedom Academy is a fully accredited academic institution under Advanced-Ed/NCA, an internationally renowned company provided certification for qualified schools around the world.

Linda Hoffman, Superintendent


Freedom Academy will provide each student an equal education that will equip them for the future by teaching character with integrity, honor and leadership, the desire to become lifelong learners, and become positive contributors and participants within their families and their communities.


We have SUCCESSFULLY completed our ACCREDITATION renewal and will maintain our fully accredited status through AdvancedED/NCA.


To promote love of learning through honor, integrity, and leadership.

Keys to Success

Strong academics, dedicated teachers and staff, family focus, and child-centered approach to learning. We invite you to schedule a tour and experience the Freedom Academy difference.