Volunteers are a vital part of our school program. They can assist in reducing the adult-to-student ratio and make an individualized program more effective. We hope many of you can participate in this rewarding experience.

Volunteers who wish to work with students will be required to obtain a valid fingerprint clearance card from DPS.

Volunteers are used at the discretion of the teacher. Each teacher will have a system in place of how to best utilize their volunteers. Please respect the boundaries they put into place and offer your services as they are needed. If you would like to volunteer to help in your child’s classroom, you will need to contact your child’s teacher in advance.

Parents who are volunteering on campus or on field trips must follow the dress code of modesty. The policy stated for free dress for children is the model for parents who are on campus. Parents who are dressed inappropriately on campus will be asked to review the policy and dress accordingly.

Paradise Campus LUNCH order

Paradise campus families may utilize Boonli lunch program with password eagles212

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Pima Campus LUNCH order

Pima campus families may utilize Boonli lunch program with password eagles200

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